Well…..Time for a break.

You might have noticed that’ I’ve not been posting pictures.I try to have at least 1 post a day to come out. I’m dealing another family emergency right now. Things are not going well in any aspect of my life right now actually. The past 5 years have been extremely hard, depressing and challenging. Well, for a white guy in America at least. I don’t wish to say more right now. I’m not good at dealing with this at all. I’m not sure when I will post again. It just all depends on how I feel and if I have any free time where I can think clearly. 😦

Thanks everybody for the support and following along. Enjoy the summer and see you soon…

3 thoughts on “Well…..Time for a break.

  1. Sorry to hear your having some troubles,I also have had a tough few years and suffer with depression so I fully understand your pain.if you ever need someone to rant with feel free to message me.please take care and remember all will pass and the sun will again rise 😀


  2. Be nice to just sleep through all of it, wouldn’t it? Talk with people. Even if it’s only some stranger online. It’s amazing how much lighter the load is when you share it. And, magically, it doesn’t burden the other person.


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